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Progressive Renters insurance policy
"A renters insurance policy provides both personal liability insurance for accidents or injuries which you may cause, or which occur in your residence."
Renters Insurance

Insurance for Tenants that Rent Apartments, Houses, Condos

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Protect the safety of your home as well as your personal property when you buy an affordable Renter’s Insurance policy. We can save our customers more by delivering freeNationwide Renter’s Insurance quotes and working with many Renter’s Insurance carriers to deliver our customers the absolute lowest rates on personal liability insurance, comprehensive renters insurance, and even scheduled property insurance.

Nationwide Renter’s Insurance policy does not protect the overall structure of a building the way that homeowners insurance would. This is because when you live in an apartment or a rental house your landlord is the one responsible for maintaining a structural insurance policy on the building and common areas. Your landlord’s property insurance will not however protect your personal property nor the habitability of your apartment or condo.

Protect your personal belongings, your monetary assets, and your lifestyle with Nationwide Renter’s Insurance quotes.

High rise Apartment Building

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Comprehensive renters insurance protects you from losses. This article contains descriptions of many of the comprehensive renters insurance options available to you through this website and the SkyBlue Insurance Agency.

Progressive Renters insurance policy

Progressive Renters Insurance

Progressive Renters insurance is for anyone renting an apartment, condo, dorm room, house, etc. We’ll send proof of insurance to your landlord/complex and help you make sure your policy meets their requirements.